Breaking down the Las Vegas NHL Expansion Draft

Las Vegas is getting an NHL team, and to form this team, it’s time for an expansion project.
Adding to the NHL Las Vegas brings more emotion and eyes in the league, however their favorite team that means something else. When added Las Vegas for the league, they received a first round pick somewhere between the first and sixth – depending on the lottery. The NHL will hold an expansion project to set up a list of unnamed team in Las Vegas.

Unlike the expansion project of the NHL 2000, teams will be allowed only to protect seven forwards, three defenders and a goalkeeper or goalie eight skaters. This format means that teams will lose a piece of the organization that is not essential but is beneficial. Two forwards and defense should be exposed who have played 40 games in 2016 and 70 games from 2015/16 to 2016/17 seasons. The goalkeeper must be under contract for 2017/18 or be a restricted free agent. Therefore, a player like Dylan McIlrath of the New York Rangers, is maintained below 56 matches played this season, will not be eligible for the Expansion Draft. Read More

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